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Moon rocks

Moon rocks are cannabis flower nuggets that have been rolled in kief and dipped in extracts. Moon rocks are primarily prized for their potency and often contain high levels of THC (more than 50% on average).

Moon rocks are also often referred to as “cannabis caviar,” despite the fact that this term is actually only appropriate for buds that have been dipped in extracts without the addition of kief.

Although moon rocks are a relatively recent cannabis product, there are currently a wide range of variations available, including THC-free hemp kinds with high CBD content.

Moon rocks products continue to be customized by cannabis firms using different cultivars and concentrates. Some pre-rolls on the market drizzle concentrate over the completed pre-roll before rolling it in kief, simulating the moon rock feeling.

In essence, using these items lets you  buy moon rocks online   and smoke without having to clean up a sticky mess.

How Potent are moon rocks?

You would be correct if you assumed that moon rocks would contain a significant amount of THC, the most desirable component of marijuana. Most moon rocks have more than 50% THC because these cannabis products blend flower and two concentrates.

Because the flower, concentrate, and kief all have different potencies, there is a lot of variation in terms of potency amongst products.

You have an extremely strong product when you combine these two factors with the fact that moon rocks typically have multiple layers of concentrate on them.

Don’t give a first-time smoker a bowl of this product because of its tremendous potency. The CBD content of CBD moonrock variants will be comparable.

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