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White Widow

Only a few number of strains worldwide have attained the level of fame that White Widow has. A powerful hybrid with fantastic flavor and ease of growth, quickly gained popularity among both users and farmers.

It originally entered the cannabis scene in the middle of the 1990s, and since then, cannabis users all around the world have come to regard it as legendary.

Given that numerous people have asserted to have bred White widows first, its exact origins are mainly speculative. It is believed that the first White Widow originated with Shantibaba, a master grower, and the Green House Seed Company.

Additionally, it is thought that the original White Widow was a result of a hybrid between two landrace strains;

Widow strains develops dense, light green buds that open to reveal their well-known white trichome covering that covers the surrounding leaves. It tends to stand out in any grow, thus the appearance is challenging to ignore.

This is a fantastic strain for your garden if you are just beginning to develop your green thumb because it is a steady cross of landrace genetics that can survive with less attention than most other strains.

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This strain has a tremendously strong, savory aroma with a dash of spice and some piney notes. Once smoked, the flavor is delightfully sweet and fruity with a faintly sweet aftertaste.

This strain packs a punch despite having a sweet flavor, so coughing can be inevitable.

You will experience a rush of exhilaration and energy just after smoking, which will make you feel positive, talkative, and creative. After a few puffs of white widow, you may bid any worry or anxiety farewell.

If you aren’t already doing something, the effects start to get heavier after a while, and you can find yourself confined to the sofa for some time.


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