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Mimosa Strain


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The Mimosa Strain  raiser Symbiotic Genetics became Purple Punch and Clementine into the Indica-prevailing (70/30) Mimosa strain in 2017. From that point forward, it has consistently been filling in ubiquity, not just with individuals who honestly love its namesake drink yet for anybody who can stomach a fruity mixed drink that incorporates up to 27% THC.


The therapeutic motivations behind partaking in the Mimosa strain surpass those of genuine mimosas, we’re glad to report. The strain is a master of evening out your state of mind and assuaging pressure.

The individuals who experience the ill effects of ADD and ADHD love the strain’s capacity to quiet them down and assist them with zeroing in on everyday assignments.

A puff of Mimosa can likewise assist with misery, headaches, and a deficiency of craving. As you breathe in the woodsy, flower flavors blended in with spices and berries, you’ll have the option to think all the more obviously and work with more clarity of mind.

To this end we suggest Mimosa as a morning strain, one that you can use as a jolt of energy without agonizing over sedation or stress (simply make sure to keep water convenient).


The Mimosa high starts as an increase in energy and clear-headedness, a valid “lift” of your consideration, your soul, and your psychological lucidity. This accompanies mental happiness as your mind becomes accustomed to its new concentration, allowing your downturn to disappear and your work assume control over your complete focus.

Who knew that the key to great hard working attitude was a mimosa?


70% Indica


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