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Strawberry Shortcake Strain


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Strawberry Shortcake Strain

This Sativa-prevailing strain Strawberry shortcake strain (75/25) is a berry darling’s fantasy. The sugary, fruity-sweet flavor hits like cream, strawberries, and rolls, similarly as you’d anticipate from the name. The pastry is a Summertime exemplary – perhaps the strain will be as well?

On the off chance that you end up pushed past the capacity to rest or occupied by mental injury and emotional episodes, you might require a jolt of energy. This strain resembles an extraordinary, exemplary treat with none of the calories. Except if, obviously, you get the munchies later.

Characteristics of strawberry shortcake

At the point when you strawberry shortcake strain, it goes down staggeringly smooth. It comes on rapidly, discreetly hurrying in your cerebrum with a feeling of mind blowing, elevating happiness. Clients portray it as “joy” and “imaginative energy.” They feel persuaded to do stuff, from work to side interests to spending time with companions.

You feel quiet in any case, vitally, the strain doesn’t cause you to feel lounge chair locked. For individuals who are dependably in a hurry, consistently focused, this strain will assist you with tracking down a little euphoria without constraining you to dial back.

Effects of this strain

The fragrance resembles the smooth, rich aroma of bread rolls in the midst of the staggering smell of berries. Assuming that you like organic product in your strain, this is the one. The predominant terpene is considered Ocimene and gives the strain its unbelievable pleasantness.

The taste is sharp, tightening into flower and earth tones too. On the breathe out, there’s a powerful suggestion of fuel flavor that sits on your tongue, harsh and weighty.

As you smoke, you’ll feel giggly and engaged and innovative. You’ll need to happily seize the opportunity to take a smoke of berry syrup and partake in the full-body quieting impression of this tasty strain.




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